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Elusive Rabbit At Work

Welcome to the Madness

Here at Elusive Rabbit we are as Mad as the Hatter, as Wonderful as Wonderland that leave you grinning like  the Cheshire Cat, crazy?! All the best people are! 

Featuring an array of designs inspired by classical stories, myths, tales and a pinch of madness  there is something for everyone from the Elusive Rabbit range.  I pride myself on my unwavering devotion to quality in my work and will always look to adapt designs to suit customer needs and preferences.



Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding shoes or a special gift for an unbirthday party; there should be something here that will truly amaze and inspire you

"The Elusive Rabbit" name is inspired by the original Alice in Wonderland books. The idea of travelling to another world full of magic and fantasia where anything is possible and everything is plausible really fit our mad nature and creativity. Having considered many names this one has always just stuck.

What Does it mean - Well Nothing.

What Could it mean - Well Anything!

When you're looking for a pair of shoes to match an amazing outfit - or to be a conversation piece - Elusive Rabbit is definitely you're one-stop shop for bespoke and unique items.

Designs created from Elusive Rabbit are unique bespoke pieces that typically revolve around a specific theme or concept. I am involved in the creation of all my designs and work tirelessly to create a unique and wonderful piece with all of my orders.

Have fun browsing my store - and if you have any questions join me on Facebook where I regularly live-stream and share new and exciting designs