Mercury Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Mercury Dragon

Mercury Dragon

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Capturing the beauty and majesty of Dragons in a unique collection. This range has been designed to incorporate the Dragon wrapping around the shoe to create a unique and magical design

  • White Edge Trim
  • Bridal Sequence Lace
  • Sequin Fabric
  • Metallic Spikes
  • Mercury Silver Dragon Wrapped around the heel

The Dragons featured in this design are hand-sculpted, meaning that every design will have a unique look and feel and no two pairs will ever be the same. All aspects of these Dragons are custom made from the tail and wings through to scales featured throughout. As the dragons are hand sculpted and painted there will not be perfect symmetry between each shoe.

Product Type: Kitten Heel 3 Inches

Mid Heel 4 Inches

Stiletto Heel 5.5 Inches (As Shown)

Want something slightly different? This design can also be reproduced on High Heels using the options available

High Wedge Heel 5 Inches 

Mid Wedge Heel 4 Inches

Kitten Wedge Heel 3 Inches