Peppermint Cream
Peppermint Cream

Peppermint Cream

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Designed with a range of Glitters all of the shoes within the Elusive Rabbit Range using the highest quality materials to create unique designs and pieces that WOW based with the simplicity of sparkle alone  

This Design Features the following Colours;

  • Green Glitter
  • Mint Glitter
  • Aqua Glitter
  • Blue Chunky Glitter

During the daytime (in natural light) the glitter is a duller sparkle but when the sun shines and day turns to night, the glitter in artificial/night light really sparkles and makes a statement! as shown in the pictures. Therefore please ensure you wait until night time to see the shoe in its full element. 

The shoes are decorated with 3 layers of high quality glitter therefore please be advised some of the top layer glitter will be loose and will flake naturally. There will be loose glitter in the shoe box. This is normal.

I have protected the shoe with an expensive waterproof sealant however I would advise to still be cautious in wet weather. If you scuff the shoe with natural wear and tear then like with any other shoe wet your finger and dab the spot where it is marked, it will disappear. Do not use a wipe as fiber's off the wipes will get stuck to the glitter.

Product Type: 

Flat Shoes

Kitten Heel 3 Inches

Mid Heel 4 Inches 

Stiletto Heel 5.5 Inches 

Want something slightly different? This design can also be reproduced on High Heels using the options available

High Wedge Heel 5 Inches (As Shown)

Mid Wedge Heel 4 Inches

Kitten Wedge Heel 3 Inches