Pink Ivory Alice in 1865 Lace Heels

Pink Ivory Alice in 1865 Lace Heels

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Embrace a pair of custom made Alice in Wonderland shoes that feature:

  • Lace in White/Ivory
  • Blue Character Fabric
  • Pink Organza bow on the toe.
  • Or Satin Material Front
  • Pink Lace braid trim.

The Colour scheme features mainly Baby Pink; however the design can be reproduced in an array of colours.

Every pair of these shoes is handmade meaning the Alice images will vary throughout and the images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Product Type: Kitten Heel 3 Inches

Mid Heel 4 Inches (As Shown)

Stiletto Heel 5.5 Inches 

Want something slightly different? This design can also be reproduced on High Heels using the options available

High Wedge Heel 5 Inches 

Mid Wedge Heel 4 Inches

Kitten Wedge Heel 3 Inches