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Touch the sky and fly high! Go on your own daring adventure with Skyward

Shoes that feature:

  • Lace in Baby Blue, pink and white
  • All over main blue fabric background
  • Organza Ribbon in pink on the toe with Hot Air Balloon Brooches
  • White braided Trim
  • Tweed basket
  • Rope strings
  • Hot air Balloon at the back with vintage stripe and sequin fabric
  • Moulded Hot air Balloons in Pinks, Lilac Purples and Blues
  • Iridescent sheets for shine

The design can be reproduced in an array of colours.

Every pair of these shoes is handmade meaning the Alice images will vary throughout and the images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

High Wedge Heel 5 Inches (images shown)

Your shoe options are: 

High Heel Closed Toe 5"

Mid Heel Closed Toe 4"

Low Heel Closed Toe 3"

Peep/Open Toe High 5"

Peep/Open Toe Mid 4"

Peep/Open Toe Low 3"

Wedge Closed Toe High 5"

Wedge Closed Toe Mid 4"

Wedge Closed Toe Low 3"

Wedge Peep/Open Toe High 5"

Wedge Peep/Open Toe Mid 4"

Wedge Peep/Open Toe Low 3"

Please state your shoe type in order notes Thank you